So... What's "No Fake Sweat?"

We're glad you asked. No Fake Sweat is the motto that binds Neighbor And Brother together. It's a MOVEMENT powered by NAB. It's how the best fitness community out there proves not only to themselves but the world just how damn bad they want it. There's no short cuts. Sweat is Sweat and we get our deposit on the daily. NAB is a community of hard working individuals taking their physical well-being to the next level, unlocking their potential, and all holding each other accountable. We do this with SWEAT equity. We earn our way into the life we want to live and our sweat proves just that. 

NAB started out with a couple of friends motivating each other to be their best inside the gym that became even better people outside as well. We wanted to keep this momentum going. In order to grow the community, we started with creating motivational workout videos for instagram to create a platform to spread positivity. Eventually, we started a free outdoor workout meet-up called 'Recess!' for anyone who needed friends to workout with. With amazing turn outs of 20-30 people on a weekly basis, this community could not be stopped! COVID-19 then swept away at the world forcing things to a halt. There were many things in jeopardy but we knew one thing: we had to keep NAB going. We decided to pivot to Instagram Live Workouts and haven't missed a single week of streaming this whole quarantine! It hasn't always been easy but you guys make it worth it EVERY SINGLE DAY. We were all sweating together and thus No Fake Sweat was created during one of our streams from our host David. We simply stated that "there's no way around hard work. It is exactly what it is and it shows! Just like the sweat dripping down all of our faces right now. We did that, TOGETHER!"

We have BIG plans for the NAB community in the future. When this pandemic settles down, we want to bring NO FAKE SWEAT to the world.

Right now, all we can do is take care of ourselves. 

Join us on Instagram @NeighborAndBrother for your favorite at-home no equipment Instagram Live Workouts. We must keep motivating and holding each other accountable. Plus, it's FREE!

Wednesday at 10:00AM PST for CORE-ANTINE (core-blasting SWEAT promising workout)

Friday at 10:00AM PST for Flow With DSO (Full-Body HIIT)

Follow our youtube channel as will begin curating day to day No Fake Sweat Vlogs highlighting an inside look into Neighbor And Brother's lifestyle.

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