Neighbor And Brother

What started off as a joke between a couple friends...slowly turned into a momentous movement of inspiration and motivation.

A community was brewing but not just any community.

Neighbor And Brother is a fitness and lifestyle movement forged together by hard-working, determined, open-minded, and diverse individuals that came together to create what we now know as NAB.

Since the initial launch in June 2019, our goal was to create anything that our community was proud to represent. We did that through apparel and weekly workouts every Saturday called recess! To keep our community growing during Quarantine, we've set up free Instagram live workouts to inspire and motivate because we are stronger together.

NAB aims to be the voice for those who thought they were lost and for those who thought it was over. When all else fails, you can always pick yourself up and better your physical well-being. We want to show people how strong they really are. We want people to create opportunities for themselves they never thought could happen. 

That all starts with you.

But the best part is, NAB has your back. The people in this community have your back. 

It's WE not ME.

If you've read this far into the story, consider yourself part of the family. Let's make sure we do our part for ourselves so that we can take care of those around us. We all have common goals and we can help each other get there.

With much love,

Neighbor And Brother